Vatican II AT 60:  Re-engergizing the Renewal


Pages: 216

Binding: Softcover

Vatican II AT 60: Re-engergizing the Renewal

By: Catherine Clifford and Steven Lempe
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“Vatican II at 60 will rekindle the fire in our hearts for the reforms and renewal of the Church that was catalyzed by that miraculous Councilas its legacy continues to unfold. This wonderful collection of essays by distinguished leaders with prophetic voices will do exactly what the text promises—Re-energize the Renewal.”—Thomas Groome, Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry

“This is a very important book because it is one of the rare attemptsextremely necessary nowto go beyond the phase of ‘memorialization’ of Vatican II and to take a hard, honest look at the role of the council for the renewal of the Church today.” —Massimo Faggioli, Villanova University

Marking the 60th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) here are original essays by leading Catholic theological scholars. They address the historic and current significance of the Council, key documents and themes, and the Council’s ongoing challenge for renewal in the Catholic Church of the twenty-first century.


  1. A Council for a World Church, Catherine E. Clifford
  2. The Unfinished Business of Lumen Gentium, Paul Lakeland
  3. Reform in Motion: Vatican II and the Liturgy, John F. Baldovin, SJ
  4. Lumen Gentium, Synodality, and the Universal Call to Participation, Brian P. Flanagan
  5. Dei Verbum and the Roots of Synodality, Ormond Rush
  6. Being the Church in the World, Marcus Mescher
  7. Gender and Ecclesiology since Vatican II, Elyse J. Raby
  8. Nostra Aetate: Journey to Interfaith Dialogue, Celia Deutsch, NDS
  9. The Spirituality of the Second Vatican Council, Gerald O’Collins, SJ
  10. Synodality: An Enduring Legacy of the Council, Cardinal Robert W. McElroy

Catherine E. Clifford is professor of historical and systematic theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. Her many publications include The Oxford Handbook of Vatican II, co-edited with Massimo Faggioli; Decoding Vatican II: Interpretation and Ongoing Reception (Paulist Press); and (with Richard Gaillardetz) Keys to the Council: Unlocking the Teaching of Vatican II (Liturgical Press)

Cover design: Michael Calvente

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