Rights and Permissions

Before contacting Orbis please check the copyright and credit/acknowledgements pages to determine the original source for the material you seek permission to use. This includes photos and illustrations. Apply for permission directly from the rights holder listed, which may not be Orbis Books.

For Educational Photocopying (course packs, classroom hand-outs) contact:

The Copyright Clearance Center
Academic Permissions Customer Service
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923 

Phone: (978) 750-8400
Fax: (978) 646-8600
E-mail: info@copyright.com

To request permission to reprint materials from Orbis please provide the following information:
1. The full title and author’s name of the Orbis book you wish to use
2. Exactly what material you want to use: refer to page numbers from the Orbis book and provide a total word count for each excerpt
3. The name of your publisher: we cannot grant permission without this information 
4. The binding/format of your work: hardcover, paperback, or both, and/or e-book 
5. Territory of distribution being sought: for example, US and Canada, Europe, or World AND in what languages
6. The title, print run and total number of pages and word count of your work 
7. Publication date for your work and its list price 
8. Your mailing address

Submit by e-mail (orbisbooks@maryknoll.org SUBJECT: Permissions OR mail to

Orbis Books, ATTN: Permissions, POB 302, Maryknoll, NY 10545 Allow 20 working days for a response.