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Transforming Interreligious Relations

By: Leo D. Lefebure
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Against the background of the Catholic Church's global organizations and activities in interreligious dialogue, this book focuses on recent Roman Catholic engagement with other religious traditions in the United States, and the significance of this experience of religious pluralism for Christian theology. Each relationship has a distinctive set of challenges, problems, and opportunities. In each relationship, Christians have come to new insights into their scriptures, their traditions, their practices and beliefs. Each relationship has implications for other interreligious relationships and for Christian identity.

Leo D. Lefebure is Matteo Ricci, SJ, Professor of Theology at Georgetown University and a Berkley Center faculty fellow. A priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, his authored books include The Buddha and the Christ; Revelation, the Religions, and Violence; and True and Holy: Christian Scripture and Other Religions.



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