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Pages: 128

Binding: Softcover

The World Is My Cloister

By: John Michael Talbot
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"The world is my cloister, my body is my cell, and my soul is the hermit within!"

St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226)

"For people of all faiths, or none at all, this book reveals the consolations offered by cultivating faith in suffering humanity--and in the healing power of the pragmatic solidarity necessary to lessen it. It's hard to imagine a more helpful guidebook for those seeking to address growing inequalities and the resentment and discord they foster. In the view of this radically inclusive and stubbornly pragmatic man of God, that should include all of us." --Paul Farmer, MD, Harvard Medical School and Partners in Health

"Thomas Merton once spoke of God as being 'mercy within mercy within mercy.' No church leader has communicated God's mercy in a more compelling way than Pope Francis." --Jim Forest,author, Loving Our Enemies

Few other collections capture so well the message of Pope Francis. He has rejuvenated interest in traditional Catholic teaching on the works of mercy and applied them in a refreshing way to the challenges of the world today. Like all good preachers, he comforts the afflicted, and afflicts the comfortable. Whichever you need, you will find it here. --Andrew James Boyd, in Reading Religion

John Michael Talbot shows that you need not live in a monastery to know the peace of God and be a blessing to the world. You can cultivate solitude, silence, and sacred stillness on the spot where you are standing. You can live from the hermit within wherever you are. In chapters ranging from meditation to community, the gift of tears to the music of life, John inspires all of us to live the life of the spirit as expressed by our spiritual forebears.

John Michael Talbot is Catholic music's number one recording artist with sales of four million records worldwide. With more than 50 albums, 14 books and numerous videos, his sold-out concerts are popular among Christians of all denominations. John founded and remains the Minister General of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage, a monastic community in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. He is the winner of the Mother Teresa Award for his role as American Musician, Composer, Author and Educator.

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