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The Violence Of Love

By: Oscar Romero Compiled and translated by James R. Brockman, S.J.
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"Oscar Romero was converted by suffering: the suffering of a friend, of the people he served, and then finally his own suffering. There are many ways to be converted, but perhaps the best way is to live among the poor and to discover in them as Romero did, the presence of Christ." -- Samuel Ruiz Garcia, Bishop of San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico

"Romero does not speak from a distance. He does not hide his fears, his brokenness, his hesitations. It is as if he puts his arm around my shoulder and slowly walks with me. He shares my struggles. There is a warmth in his words that opens my heart to listen." -- Henri J. M. Nouwen, from the Forward

"These homilies reveal lines of poetic beauty describing a cruel and ugly world Here is indomitable courage and utter humility. Here is a message of hope." --Robert McAfee Brown, Professor Emeritus, Pacific School of Religion

These selections from the sermons and writings of Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador share the message of a holy prophet of modern times.

Three short years transformed Archbishop Oscar Romero from a conservative defender of the status quo into one of the church's most outspoken voices of the oppressed. Though silenced by an assassin's bullet, his spirit--and the challenge of his life--lives on. He was beatified by Pope Francis in 2015.

James R. Brockman, S.J. (1926-1999) was a native of Cincinnati, OH, and earned degrees from Xavier University, Loyola University Chicago and West Baden College, IN. He was ordained a Jesuit in 1960 and served a number of years in Peru as well in Hispanic ministry in the dioceses of Gary, IN, and Little Rock, AR. Father Brockman wrote and translated a number of books on Archbishop Romero, including Romero: A Life.

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