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The Tao of Asian American Belonging

By: Young Lee Hertig
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"Hertig's work fills a theological lacuna and addresses an ecclesial crisis: the lacuna is the dearth and marginalization of Asian American feminist evangelical theological voices, and the crisis is the lack of ministerial leadership models that respond to prevailing gender and racial challenges faced by and within Asian/Korean immigrant churches. Asserting implications for theological education, ministerial leadership development, and a renewed spiritual attunement to primordial human-nature harmonies, The Tao of Asian American Belonging beckons our contemplation, debate, and embrace." --Mai-Anh Le Tran, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

"Taoism, Christianity, Asian/Asian American women's experiences, new epistemological turns, a comprehensive and holistic way of life, and an invitation for all humanity and creation-- all offered through a 'yinist' spirituality. I know of no other person, except Young Lee Hertig, who has the capacity and capaciousness to forge such a path." --Dwight N. Hopkins, author, Being Human: Race, Culture, and Religion

"Young Lee Hertig's 'yinist' spirituality draws on the mutuality of yin-and-yang pervasive in East Asian thinking to recover Hebraic holism, Jesus's upside-down, basileia, and the Pauline ecclesiology of weakness and marginality in order to revitalize theological education and the North American church in our global twenty-first century." --Amos Yong, professor of theology and mission, Fuller Seminary

The term yin refers to the feminine energy of Taoism, in contrast to the male yang. Author Hertig coined the word yinist in the 1990s to name the nameless Asian American feminism. The yinist spirituality she explores in this book is a novel attempt to lift up and empower the voices of female Asian American voices in Christian ecological theology and to effect their inclusion amid feminist, womanist, and mujerista discourses.

This innovative book is a valuable resource for scholars, churches, and denominational leaders.

Young Lee Hertig is co-founder and executive director of ISAAC (Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity) and AAWOL (Asian American Women on Leadership). An ordained Presbyterian clergy, she has taught courses on spirituality, sustainability, and diversity at Azusa Pacific University, Fuller Theological Seminary, and United Theological Seminary.


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