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Binding: Softcover

The Same Fate as the Poor

By: Judith Noone, M.M.
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The Same Fate as the Poor is the inspiring account of the lives of three Maryknoll Sisters who made the “option for the poor” and paid the ultimate price. In December 1980, Ita Ford and Maura Clark were two of the four churchwomen ambushed and killed by National Guard troops in El Salvador. Only a few months before, Ita Ford’s best friend, Carla Piette, was drowned in a flash flood. The loss of these three lives was made more devastating by media furor and political backlash that followed the December murders.

This new edition of The Same Fate as the Poor celebrates the lives of these women. It now includes excerpts from the report of the United Nations Truth Commission that proved without a doubt the culpability of the Salvadoran government in the deaths of Ita Ford, Maura Clarke Jean Donovan, and Dorothy Kazel.

Judith Noone is a Maryknoll Sister who entered the Congregation in 1969. She worked in Bolivia and Guatemala as well as in the Social Communications department of the Maryknoll Sisters before obtaining a Masters degree in anthropology from American University.

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