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The Holy Spirit and an Evolving Church

By: James A. Coriden
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"This book is a gem. Coriden examines the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in the emergence and continuing life of the Church. The priority of the kingdom of God in the ministry of Jesus is marvelously woven together with the continuing activity of the Spirit. These themes form the theoretical background for Coriden's practical reflections on such current issues as synodality, the growth of ministries, ecumenism, the Church and the environment, and the sacraments of marriage, penance and the anointing of the sick. Coriden's pastoral wisdom and love of the Church are evident on every page." --John J. Burkhard OFM Conv, author, Apostolocity Then and Now: An Ecumenical Church in a Postmodern World

"As Pope Francis invites all of the faithful to journey together along the 'path of synodality' -- the path of dialogue and collaboration -- James Coriden reminds us travelers that we are propelled along this path by the Holy Spirit, who guides us toward the reign of God. With historical insight and pastoral sensitivity, Coriden unearths the Spirit-centered vision of Vatican II, offering a reliable road map for a sometimes wandering, always evolving church." --Edward P. Hahnenberg, Breen Chair of Catholic Theology, John Carroll University

"Coriden assembles classic texts that testify to the many ways the Holy Spirit is at work in the church. More importantly, he offers his seasoned judgment about crucial ways in which the Spirit is at work in the church's ongoing evolution today. A welcome contribution by one of our most respected canon lawyers and theologians." --Bradford E. Hinze, Fordham University

Exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in the evolutionary unfolding of the church throughout its history, distinguished theologian James Coriden skillfully articulates two principles: first, the Holy Spirit is the internal dynamic in the evolution of the church, the force that propels the Christian communities forward and in converging trajectories; and second, the reign of God, renamed here “God’s project for the world,” powerfully pulls the church’s evolution forward.

Coriden envisions changes, sometimes radical, in the church’s structure, teaching, ministry, and sacraments. Here is a book that will be part of a sea change that already marks “the Francis revolution."

Fr. James A. Coriden, canon lawyer and academic dean emeritus and professor at the Washington Theological Union, is a recipient of the Catholic Theology Society of America’s John Courtney Murray Award, the highest honor bestowed by the society on a theologian.

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