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The Asian Jesus

By: Michael Amaladoss
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"Helps us rediscover the Asian roots of Jesus who was born, preached, and died in Asia. By their strangeness these images jolt our imagination and awaken it to the richness and diversity of our Christological heritage."--Fr. Peter C. Phan, Georgetown University

"A voice from Asia to which you have to listen. . . a new presentation of the Christian Jesus who has also lived, died, and been resurrected in, for, and with Asian people."--Rev. Dr. Hee An Choi, Boston University

"Both scholars and students will find this book rewarding."--Dr. Paul F. Knitter, Union Theological Seminary NYC

When it comes to grasping who Jesus was and is, author Michael Amaladoss argues, images can be as important as doctrines. in this fascinating work Amaladoss takes the images of Jesus in the New Testament and then unfolds the ways in which nine images from Asian literature, culture, and religion--sage, way, guru, satyagrahi, avatar, servant, Compassionate One, dancer, pilgrim--can open new horizons on the Founder of Christianity. Not only does a Jesus more familiar to the peoples of Asia emerge, but we see how the East has helped the entire world Christian family gain a richer perspective on the man from Galilee.


Michael Amaladoss, S.J., the author of 21 books, is director of the Institute for Dialogue with Cultures and Religions in Chennai (formerly Madras), India.

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