Subverting Hatred


Pages: 224

Binding: Softcover

Subverting Hatred

By: Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
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"It is a delight to see scholars of religion placing their learning in service to the cause of peace. " -- John Berthrong, Associate Dean for Academic and Administrative Affairs Director, Institute for Dialogue Among Religious Traditions, Boston University School of Theology

"This book's contribution to comparative studies is a rich statement of possibilities for many kinds of peace and nonviolence." -- By Paul Waldau Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Philosophy of East & West Volume 50, Number 3 July 2000 468-471

"This compact book strives mightily to demonstrate the theory and practice of nonviolence in nine different religious traditions." --Barbara Hirschkowitz, Turning Wheel

Religious rivalries have been at the root of many human conflicts throughout history. Representatives of nine world religions offer insights into the teachings of nonviolence within their tradition, how practice has often fallen short of the ideals, and how they can overcome the contagion of hatred through a return to traditional teachings on nonviolence.

Included are a new Foreword and Preface, a new Introduction by Daniel Smith-Christopher, two new chapters on Islam and the indigenous religion of the Maori, and a new Epilogue. In addition, study questions have been added to each chapter.

Daniel Smith-Christopher is a professor of theological studies and director of the Peace Studies Program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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