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Jesus Christ, Peacemaker

By: Terrence J. Rynne
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"Here is a book that truly recovers the original Gospel ethic: Jesus rejected violence for any reason whatsoever. Perhaps our Church will begin again to be a 'peace church' and deserve to hear Jesus announce to us 'Blessed are the peacemakers.'" --Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

"Moving beyond theoretical debate about the morality of war, Terrence Rynne insists that our vocation as Christians is to active, nonviolent, persistent, risky, creative peacemaking and shows clearly how an evolving Catholic theology of peace increasingly reflects that emphasis." --Marie Dennis, President, Pax Christi International

"Rynne has the uncanny and enviable gift of seeing things with fresh eyes and in the process helps us understand anew time-worn topics such as the just war theory. A more apposite tract for the time can hardly be written. I most strongly recommend it." --Peter Phan, Georgetown University

"Rich in biblical and historical scholarship Rynne presents a coherent and creative strategy for the church to follow in the way of Jesus, the Prince of Peace." --Kenneth R. Himes, O.F.M., Boston College

 A new theology of peace that renders the just war theory near mute by making Jesus and his teachings the cornerstone of both theory and practice.

Terrence J. Rynne is co-President of the Sally and Terry Rynne Foundation which is dedicated to peacemaking and the empowerment of women, and he is also the founder of Marquette University's Center for Peacemaking.

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