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By: Virgilio P. Elizondo
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"Lovely"--Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology

In December 1531 on the hill of Tepeyac in what is present-day Mexico City an Indian named Juan Diego beheld an apparition of the Mother of God. With the attire and features of an Indian maiden and addressing Juan Diego in his native tongue she instructed him to tell the bishop to build a shrine on that spot. As a sign she left her image on his cloak - the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Drawing on a lifetime of reflection Father Virgil Elizondo has written Guadalupe, an account of the story and meaning of one of the most powerful religious symbols of our day. For centuries Guadalupe has served as one of the sustaining symbols of Mexican, Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic identity and spirituality. But more than that, in this lyrical and inspiring work Elizondo shows that Our Lady of Guadalupe has an even wider significance and relevance to the church universal at the dawn of a new millennium.

Virgil Elizondo (1935-2016) was a theologian and pastor who played a critical role in the development of Hispanic theology. He founded the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas, where he also served as rector of San Fernando Cathedral. More recently he taught at the University of Notre Dame. His other books include Galilean Journey and Charity.His life and work have been featured in Virgilio Elizondo: Spiritual Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series).

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