Following Christ in a Consumer Society


Pages: 240

Binding: Softcover

Following Christ in a Consumer Society

By: John F. Kavanaugh
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"The more we try to ground our identities in external possessions or triumphs, the more we plaster our names on everything we can accumulate, the more we cling to surface and style, the less we find underneath." -- John F. Kavanaugh

"This book was waiting to be written. It had to be said. And John Kavanaugh says it very well. The Kingdom is coming in this book." -- Richard Rohr

In an era of fraud, corruption, and the relentless celebration of image over substance, the message of this perennial best-seller is more timely than ever. Following Christ in a Consumer Society offers a penetrating critique of the culture of consumerism, contrasted with the personalism of the Gospel. Addressing a soul-destroying culture in which "having more" has become the only measure of value, Kavanaugh reminds us of the values that truly make us human. Through the counter-cultural message of the Gospel, his book presents a diagnosis of our social ills while at the same time providing a guide back to wholeness, sanity, and spiritual health.

John F. Kavanaugh is a Jesuit priest who teaches at St. Louis University. His many books include Who Counts as Persons? Human Identity and the Ethics of Killing.

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