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Pages: 272

Binding: softcover

Experiments in Buddhist-Christian Encounter

By: Peter Feldmeier
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"An immensely learned book that will still be accessible and nourishing for a wide range of readers exploring Buddhist traditions from a Christian starting point. . . . A fine example of comparative theology at its best." --Francis X. Clooney, SJ, Harvard University

Well-versed in the metaphysical nuances of Buddhism and Christianity, Peter Feldmeier draws upon the writings of Christian figures like Meister Eckhart and St. John of the Cross to reflect upon Buddhist concepts and teachings like Buddha-Nature and the Zen Oxherding Pictures. He emphasizes the spirituality of both faiths and, rather than simply revealing alignments between the two, suggests how dialogue might change one's way of thinking about one's own faith.

Peter Feldmeier is a professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo, Ohio. A comparative religion and Christian spirituality scholar, he is the author of numerous books, including The Christian Tradition: A Historical and Theological Introduction (Oxford), The God Conflict: Faith in the Face of New Atheism (Liguori), and Encounters in Faith: Christianity in Interreligious Dialogue (Anselm Academic).

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