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Embracing the Inconceivable

By: Ellen Birx
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"This remarkably candid and accessible account describes how being a Zen Roshi and devout Christian is as natural as breathing. . . . Ellen Birx explains the seamless spiritual experience of bi-religious belonging in illuminating breadth -- a lifetime's harvest of wisdom." --Rev. Dr. Mónica Maher, Sensei

"The author takes us on a journey through terrain that is now Christian, now Buddhist, and as we read on, we come to recognize that we are being led on our way home." --Ruben L.F. Habito, Guiding Teacher, Maria Kannon Zen Center

"Ellen Birx has done it all. She is a grandmother, a university professor, a devout Christian and a Zen master. In Embracing the Inconceivable, Ellen weaves these disparate elements in her life into one lived reality that is remarkable for its clarity, wisdom and beauty." --Robert Kennedy, SJ, and Roshi

 This book . . . serves as a guide for people practicing in more than one faith and as a help to people raised in a Judeo-Christian culture who are trying to integrate their religion of birth with their chosen practice of Zen or other forms of meditation. From the Preface

 Written by a woman who is both a Zen roshi and a Christian, Embracing the Inconceivable is the perfect guide for people of either faith”or those who share both to experience the joy at their intersection. It will appeal to Christians who are interested in the interspiritual practice of Christianity and eastern forms of meditation and mindfulness. Also included are sections on prayers and practices for those wishing to explore and apply the thoughtful insights Birx offers to their own interspiritual practice.

Ellen Birx holds a PhD in psychiatric nursing from the University of Texas at Austin and is professor emerita at Radford University. She is cofounder of New River Zen Community in Blacksburg, Virginia, and author of three books, including Selfless Love: Beyond the Boundaries of Self and Others.

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