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Becoming New

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Two leading theological and spiritual writers, one from Germany and the other from Brazil, exchange reflections on the nature and presence of God. While Anselm Grün puts more emphasis on finding God within us, Leonardo Boff focuses more on God’s presence in the unfolding story of the universe. They agree that both dimensions must be brought together. And they agree on this, that the essence of God is love. God is simultaneously mysterious as well as powerful and unfathomable. Yet, wherever love reigns, we can experience God with all of our senses, and we – as individual human beings and as the entire cosmos – can become one with God.

Anselm Grün is a German Benedictine monk and the author of 300 books on spirituality.

Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian, is the author of many books including The Following of Jesus, Christianity in a Nutshell, and Come, Holy Spirit.

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