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African, Christian, Feminist

By: Teresia Mbari Hinga
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For the past two decades, Teresia Hinga has been a leading academic voice in the fields of African Christianity, women in African theology, and gender and ethics in the African context. Gathered here for the first time are Hinga's own selections from her extensive body of work, both previously pub­lished and unpublished.

Revealing the breadth and depth of Hinga's scholarly endeavors, this collection is a valuable resource for scholars and students, particularly those working at the intersection of multiple disciplines.

Teresia Mbari Hinga is associate professor in the re­ligious studies department at Santa Clara University. Born in Kenya, she received her PhD in religious studies (focusing on Gender in African Catholic Christianity) from Lancaster University in England in 1990. Her scholarly/research interests include women and religion, religion and contemporary moral issues, and religion and ethics in the public square. She is a founding member of The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians and the Associa­tion of African Women Theologians.

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