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Sent Forth

By: Harvey C. Kwiyani
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"A bold statement that Western hegemony over missionary work is dying and that the rest of the world, particularly the African continent, has much to contribute to the Western Church . . . . The book will be of interest to pastors and evangelizers who seek to work effectively with African immigrant Christians."--Vincent Castilino, in Mission Today (India)

"Harvey Kwiyani contributes a unique and valuable voice to the emerging conversation about African mission to the West as both a scholar and experienced African missionary in Europe and the U.S. This book brings to the forefront the migratory dimension of God's mission, the centrality of the Spirit, and the promises and complexities of migration and mission in a globalized world." --Dwight Zscheile, Luther Seminary

"Harvey Kwiyani's work is at the new frontier of understanding what mission means today in light of the radically changing nature of world Christianity. He tells the new stories that are reshaping the ongoing pilgrimage of Christian witness--stories which he has not only researched, but has lived. If you wonder how God's mission is creatively moving ahead of us in the world, read this book." --Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, author, From Times Square to Timbuktu: The Post-Christian West Meets the Non-Western Church

Written by an African-born scholar and pastor serving in the United States, this book demonstrates that African Christianity has held a missionary impulse since the days of the early Church, one that continued throughout history in many contexts (including the United States).

Today, African missionaries witness to the "blessed reflex," the notion that the continued evangelization of the world will need and profit from the energies of the African churches.

Scholars, interested in current trends within contemporary missiology, in particular the presence and influence of African Christians and missionaries in Europe and North American, will find this book relevant to their work. It will also speak to pastors and congregational leaders who seek to work effectively with the African immigrant Christians, as well as African Christians who wish to be effective missionaries in the west.


Harvey C. Kwiyani is pastor at St. Paul Vineyard Church in St. Paul, MN. An African missiologist who has spent over ten years working both as a scholar and a practitioner in mission in Europe and North America, he received a Ph.D. in Missions from Luther Seminary in 2012.

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