The Many Faces of Jesus Christ: Intercultural Christology - Revised Edition


Pages: 304

Binding: Softcover

The Many Faces of Jesus Christ: Intercultural Christology - Revised Edition

By: Volker Küster
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“Much water has flowed under the theological bridge since The Many Faces of Jesus Christ: Intercultural Christology was first published in 1999. We are deeply grateful to Volker Küster for having undertaken a much-needed revision and updating of his magnum opus. It is a veritable tour de force that offers not only an intercultural but also global Christology.”—Peter Phan, Georgetown University


“Time has proven that Volker Küster's The Many Faces of Jesus Christ is a classic. Bringing together the perspectives of the global south, the book becomes a must read for anyone serious about grasping an intercultural Christology.”—Miguel De La Torre, professor of social ethics and Latinx studies, Iliff School of Theology


“Timely as ever, this creative book shows how Jesus is incarnated and articulated anew in different times and diverse cultural contexts. Its breadth of scope and astute cultural analyses broaden our theological imagination and sensibility.”—Kwok Pui-lan, Dean’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Candler School of Theology, Emory University


“With a new chapter exploring feminist Christological imaginations, this is not simply a great textbook, but a creative invitation to faith communities and scholars to seriously recognize many faces of Jesus Christ in our times. It is a must read for those who see theology as faith that seeks liberation.”—Jude Lal Fernando, Trinity College, Dublin


“The Many Faces of Jesus Christ surveys the ways by which representative local theologies of the World Church have had to engage anew the question ‘Who do you say that I am?’ within the relativizing frame of their own cultures.”—Antonio D. Sison, CPPS, author, The Art of Indigenous Inculturation


The author is taking us on a daring scholarly journey that captures multiple liberating Christological sites around the globe. The work takes us beyond traditional Christological boundaries and brilliantly highlights the ways in which theologians from different parts of the world have critically reflected on who Jesus Christ is in their concrete cultural and sociopolitical contexts of oppression.

Volker Küster is professor of comparative religion and missiology at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.


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