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Prophetic Dialogue

By: Stephen B. Bevans Roger P. Schroeder
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"When we speak of mission as dialogue, then, we are about as far away from imagining mission as conquering the world for Christ and missionaries as marines of the Catholic Church as we probably can get. There has indeed been a radical shift, both in the world in which the church does mission and within the church's own consciousness of the goodness and even holiness of that world." These words from one of the essays in this superb collection clearly demonstrate the changing view of mission today.

In this volume, Fathers Bevans and Schroeder address a primary challenge faced by Christians missioners today: How can they bring the Christian tradition to interact respectfully and effectively with members of other cultures and traditions from around the globe and still be prophetic?

Stephen B. Bevans, S.V.D., is the Louis J. Luzbetak, S.V.D., Professor of Theology and Culture at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. He is author of Models of Contextual Theology (Orbis, 1992), An Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective (Orbis, 2009), and co-author with Roger Schroeder of Constants in Context (Orbis, 2004).

Roger P. Schroeder, S.V.D., is the Bishop Francis X. Ford, M.M., Chair of Catholic Mission Studies at the Catholic Theological Union and author of What Is the Mission of the Church? A Guide for Catholics (Orbis, 2008) and co-author with Stephen B. Bevans of Constants in Context (Orbis, 2004).

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