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Pages: 176

Binding: Softcover

Wholeness and Holiness

By: David Richo
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“We have heard or said: ‘I am not a saint.’ Usually this means: ‘Don’t expect me to be perfect.’ But a saint is not perfect in the sense of being totally saintly every minute of every day. . . .  A saint is an ordinary person who is animated by an extraordinary love. A saint is also someone dedicated to and focused on the issues that make love concrete.”—From the book

"Wholeness and Holiness is a helpful book for those striving to live a life of wholeness in an age of anxiety. Building on the human person as a relational being open to the fullness of life, Richo addresses the main areas of human personhood such as spirituality, sexuality, and sanctity. Each person has the capacity to be a this-worldly saint, a whole-maker, one who lives in the dynamic fullness of life and contributes to the sacred meaning of the world. We make a difference to what the world becomes and this book helps shape that difference." --Ilia Delio, OSF, Josephine Connelly Endowed Chair, Villanova University

Another masterful work by this renowned and popular author, Wholeness and Holiness guides the reader through grace into the possibilities of a deeper spirituality and relationship with oneself, the world, and God. With his lifetime experience in psychology and spirituality, David Richo takes us on a three-step journey to become psychologically healthy, spiritually aware and active, and sometimes saintly. All three are possible!

David Richo, PhD, is a psychotherapist, author, and workshop leader, who combines psychological and spiritual perspectives in his work. He teaches at a variety of places, including Esalen and Spirit Rock Buddhist Center. Among his many books are How to Be an Adult and Everything Ablaze. He lives in California. www.davericho.com