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The True Cost of Low Prices

By: Jeffry Odell Korgen Vincent A. Gallagher
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"This book will enlighten your mind on global injustice, but it may also break your heart. . . . An uncommon blend of passion and intelligence." --John F. Kavanaugh, S.J., St. Louis University

"A face-to-face encounter with the vast majority of people on our planet who barely survive on the margins of human life. . . . Anyone looking to act with justice in this situation should read this book." --Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

"Written with an educational tone meant to elicit awareness and hope...The authors, Jeffry Korgen and Vincent Gallagher, do not identify globalization as inherently evil, but they do see institutional violence "structured into the global economy."...Korgen and Gallagher have set up their chapters to allow the reader to see the underlying violence of globalization, encounter the aftermath in real human lives through intensive narrative portraits, and address the systemic causes. Each chapter also informs the reader about the teaching of the Catholic Church on specific issues, and unequivocal Scriptural claims against each injustice are also presented. Chapters conclude with an evaluation of the positive strides being made to bring justice to the situation. The discussion questions following every chapter serve as a great way to reflect on the content for the individual reader or as group discussion prompts. The authors also include a section that provides the reader with ways they themselves can "Go Make a Difference.' These suggestions include activities which are already helping to eradicate injustice from our world today."--Catholic Book Review, July 2013


The True Cost of Low Prices offers more than an academic analysis. In each of nine topical chapters authors Jeffry Korgen and Vincent Gallagher begin with a story of a real person who has felt the impact of one particular aspect of globalization. They then explore the "signs of the times," examining the relationship of these issues to low prices for goods and services. Finally, they turn to official church documents”the Catechism, the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, papal encyclicals, the documents of Vatican II, and statements of the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Each chapter includes discussion questions and concludes with "signs of hope" lists of resources and strategies for action” making The True Cost of Low Prices ideal for church and educational groups at the parish, high school, and college level.

Jeffry Odell Korgen is the author of several books on Catholic social ministry, including Solidarity Will Transform the World: Stories of Hope from Catholic Relief Services (Orbis, 2007). He is currently Executive Director of the Department of Diocesan Planning for the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey.

Vincent A. Gallagher, an expert in the field of worker injury and disease prevention, has researched dangerous environments throughout Latin America for a number of international organizations, including the World Bank and the World Health Organization. He received the Peace and Justice Educator's Award from the Romero Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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