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Binding: Softcover

Thoughts and Dreams of an Old Theologian

By: Leonardo Boff
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Translated by Francis McDonagh

"Boff's latest book is another masterpiece. He summarizes his key contributions to theology as he reflects on his long journey as theologian. Boff again demonstrates his talent as teacher, and the incisive originality of thought that has earned him the respect of theologians across the world."--Orlando O. Espín, professor emeritus of Theology and Religious Studies, University of San Diego

"For a lifetime of dedication and purpose, Leonardo Boff has gifted his community and the world with courageous insight and substance, applying the liberating teachings of Jesus the prophet to current issues of justice, injustice, hope, and promise. Here, in a sort of Last Testament, he looks back on his work with wisdom and grace--and forward to what Mother Earth is demanding of us today: A dedication to her plight and peril, an affirmation of the feminine, a call of deep ecumenism where East, West, and Indigenous spiritualties link hearts and hands. His invitation is powerful--are we listening?"--Matthew Fox, author, A Spirituality Named Compassion

“He makes his readers think, ask questions and seek truthful answers that will enable them to face life’s challenges and live their Catholic faith with passion today.” - Peter B. Lobo, OP, Dominican Ashram

Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian and public intellectual, was one of the foundational voices of Latin American liberation theology. Since those early years he went on to enlarge his perspective by integrating an option for the poor with an “option for the earth,” as well as drawing on insights from world religions, indigenous spirituality, the new cosmology, and feminist thought. In this book, written from the perspective of his 80th birthday, he overviews the principles themes of his work beginning with the role of dreams—the capacity to imagine alternatives—before returning to reflection on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, ecotheology, a “universal ethic for the common good,” and spirituality.

Leonardo Boff is the author of 25 Orbis titles, from Jesus Christ Liberator, Ecclesiogenesis, Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor, to his more recent titles, Christianity in a Nutshell, Come Holy Spirit, and The Following of Jesus.


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