Meditations on Creation in an Era of Extinction (Ecology & Justice Series)


Pages: 240

Binding: Paperback

Meditations on Creation in an Era of Extinction (Ecology & Justice Series)

By: Kate Rigby
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"Kate Rigby’s book, ‘Meditations on Creation in an Era of Extinction’ explores the evolution of humanity's environmental impact on creation and the colonial lens and cultural biases destroying our world. The ecological crisis in Australia and around the globe is of critical concern to the First Nations people. We consider ourselves the original conservationists and our culture, law, ceremonies, and relationship with the Spirit Creator are founded on our connection and relationship with our Country. First Nations people have protested against mining, pastoral destruction, and farming erosion on our lands for centuries and our protest has fallen on deaf ears. The Western empire in its pursuit of power and wealth stole lands, committed genocide, raped, and committed all manner of atrocities and in so doing separated themselves from the Spirit Creator and creation. Land has lost its spiritual and relational value and has been replaced as an economic commodity. History clearly records the growth of empires and the destruction of land, waterways, and seas. Empire’s greed has disconnected them from the Spiritual life force of ‘Mother Earth’. I highly recommend this book as it highlights the First Nations people's relationship to land, gives rise to their voices, and provides a soul-filling and life-giving perspective." - Professor Anne Pattel-Gray
Professor of Indigenous Studies and Head of the School of Indigenous Studies
University of Divinity

“Kate Rigby’s book is a stunning contribution to our understanding of extinction and its myriad challenges. It is a brilliant weaving of Christian theology, personal reflection, and environmental action. One of the most engaging books I have read in some time – destined to become a classic.” - Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-director, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

This book practices an ancient form of theological reflection—the hexameron—on creation and attends to current concerns for the wellbeing of creation amid changing climates, anthropogenic pollution, and, possibly, the next mass extinction event. Rigby takes each day of the Genesis 1 creation narrative as the launching point for critical theological engagement with early writers like Basil of Caesarea and Ambrose of Milan, with contemporary concerns about the state of our planet’s well-being, and with faith-based initiatives from around the world that are contributing to the healing and restoration of the world. By attending to planetary well-being, Rigby’s unique and striking approach to the hexameron captures both the devastation of current anthropogenic climate change and the precious hope for salvific healing in Shalom.


Kate Rigby is the Humboldt Professor of Environmental Humanities at the University of Cologne. She is the director of a research center for Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies and has been instrumental in the international development of environmental humanities. Her interdisciplinary research interests include German studies, comparative literature via European philosophy, literature and religion, and culture and ecology.


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