Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins - 3rd Edition


Pages: 400

Binding: Paperback

Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins - 3rd Edition

By: Miguel De La Torre
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In this revised edition of an established classroom text, De La Torre furthers his argument that the pain and suffering of people who have been marginalized continues to inform a perspective that holds a greater grasp of reality than those who are more privileged by power and profit. He continues the method of theory and case studies from earlier editions, updating the cases for the 3rd edition. In Part IV, the chapter entitled “Private Property” that appeared in the 2nd edition has been removed in the 3rd edition. Also in that part, the chapters on affirmative action and sexism have been re-ordered so that the chapter entitled “Affirmative Action” is the last chapter before the conclusion. In the 3rd edition, there is a fuller conclusion than the 2nd edition’s epilogue.


Miguel De La Torre is an established Orbis author. He presently serves as Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. A Fulbright scholar, he has taught in Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, and Germany; and lectured in Costa Rica, Cuba, Palestine, Thailand, and Taiwan. Within his guild he served as the 2012 President of the Society of Christian Ethics. He is the recipient of the 2020 AAR Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2021 Martin E. Marty Public Understanding of Religion Award. The focus of Dr. De La Torre’s academic pursuit is social ethics within contemporary U.S. thought, specifically how religion affects race, class, and gender oppression.

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