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Pages: 254

Binding: Softcover

Teilhard in the 21st Century

By: Arthur Fabel Donald St. John
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More than fifty years after his death the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Jesuit mystic and scientist continues to shape contemporary work in spirituality, theology, and the interaction of science and religion. These essays, drawn from the best of Teilhard Studies, journal of the American Teilhard Association, show how this giant of the twentieth century sheds light on the most urgent spiritual challenges of our time.

The writers represented are a who’s who of scholars: Thomas Berry offers reflections on Teilhard and ecology. Brian Swimme explores unsuspected depths of natural selection and its meaning for our age. Articles by Ursula King, Donald Gray, and Thomas King offer insights into Teilhard’s friendships with women, the way in which he strove to articulate the unity of knowledge, and his ever-deepening creation spirituality. A brief biography by John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker explores the key moments of Teilhard’s development and offers new readers a superb entrée into his life and thought. Other authors include William Rees, Arthur Fabel, John Haught, Eulalio Balthasar, Eleanor Rae, and Joseph Grau.

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