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The Biblical Foundations for Mission

By: Donald Senior Carroll Stuhlmueller
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"Donald Senior and Carroll Stuhlmueller have labored to capture the multiplicity and the harmony of that testimony for us in this book. They focus on the relation of Israel and the Church to the Gentiles.  . . . They lead us into our being caught up in the contrapuntal variations on experience and witness that mark the rich biblical traditions. They touch upon the spirituality and motivation for mission, the relation of secular and sacred in the development of the divine plan, the meaning of God's activity in history, and our destiny within it, and the intertwining of justice and salvation as biblical themes."--From the Foreword by Robert J. Schreiter, C.PP.S., Catholic Theological Union

Legrand examines the Bible's attitude to faith and culture in three parts: Israel and the nations; the cultural world of Jesus; and Paul and beyond. In each part he offers a synthesis of current research on the cultural ambience studied and discusses the core texts that show the Bible's stance toward culture.

Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P., is Professor of Old Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is editor of The Bible Today and author of numerous books and articles on the Bible.

Donald Senior, C.P., is Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is the author of nine books on the New Testament.



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