Centering Prayer


Pages: 208

Binding: Softcover

Centering Prayer

By: P. Gregg Blanton, EdD
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“Centering Prayer is a testament of Gregg Blanton's relationship to the holy beings in his life. He shares the contemplative practice of Centering Prayer as a way to bring you closer to your faith, deepen your connection to your spiritual life, and generate love. Don't we all want a little more faith and love in our lives?”—Sharon Salzberg, author, Lovingkindness and Real Change

 “Seldom do I read a book that is both as substantial and as readable as Centering Prayer: A Contemplative Path to Virtuous Living. It is groundbreaking and offers a truly unique and comprehensive vision of Christian faith. Necessary reading for all who believe in the priceless treasure at the heart of the faith.”Brian D. McLaren, author, Faith after Doubt

 “Rich in both Scripture and practical application, Gregg Blanton’s book highlights how a simple daily practice can center a person in a love for God and others, and then be self-expressed through fifteen virtues. A fresh, insightful, and highly recommended reflection on Centering Prayer!”—Albert Haase, OFM, author, Soul Training with the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis

This book examines how the practice of Centering Prayer can help shape character and effect our daily interactions with others.

Centering Prayer is a lively interaction between Centering Prayer, philosophy, theology, and psychology. The book poses three questions: What are the key practices of Centering Prayer? In what ways does Centering Prayer relate to virtues? And, how does Centering Prayer effect our relationships with others? In answering these three questions, the book identifies the key practices of Centering Prayer and then relates these key practices to fifteen traits of character. Finally, it proposes the numerous relationship skills that come from this form of prayer.

 P. Gregg Blanton, EdD, is professor of psychology and human services at Montreat College. He is founder of the Center for Contemplation and Marriage and is in private practice in Asheville, NC, where he provides counseling and supervises counselors-in-training. He is the author of Mind over Marriage: Transforming Your Relationship Using Centering Prayer and Neuroscience.


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