Friends in Christ


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Binding: Softcover

Friends in Christ

By: Brother John of Taize
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Catholic Press Association Book Awards: The Year of Faith (2nd Place)

"Did not Jesus himself say, I call you friends (John 15:15)? If we are all friends of Jesus . . . then we are also friends of one another. This insight led me to reflect on the theme of friendship as a way of coming to understand better the message of Jesus Christ."

For both seekers and practicing Christians Friends in Christ highlights the importance of friendship for human community. Beginning with stories of friendship in biblical accounts and the teachings of early leaders of the church, Brother John describes friendship as the basis for community throughout the world and at Taize, the renowned international ecumenical community that annually draws thousands of young people from around the globe together in worship and prayer.

Today, with so many institutions in crisis, friendship may have more significance than other kinds of human relations. A worldwide network of friends in Jesus who live out their Christian faith has incredible potential to change the world for the better.

Brother John of Taize, a native of Philadelphia, lives in Taize, France. He is the author of several books, including Praying the Our Father Today (Pastoral Press/Veritas), and The Pilgrim God: A Biblical Journey (Pastoral Press).

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