Community of Missionary Disciples: The Continuing Creation of the Church


Pages: 472

Binding: Softcover

Community of Missionary Disciples: The Continuing Creation of the Church

By: Stephen B. Bevans, SVD
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 American Society of Missiology #65 

“Steve Bevans draws on his lifelong scholarship, teaching, and ministry to elaborate a comprehensive and challenging ecclesiology. [This volume,] characterized by unparalleled depth of scholarship, open ecumenism, rich pastoral insights, and trademark lucidity, will be an instant classic. No course on ecclesiology can do without it.” –Peter C. Phan, Ignacio Ellacuria, SJ, Chair of Catholic Social Thought, Georgetown University 

“Informed by years of reflection on innovative theological explorations around the world, Stephen Bevans offers a splendid presentation of what it means for Christians to be a community of missionary disciples who are grounded in the experience of the Trinitarian missions of the divine Word and the Holy Spirit. He offers an inspiring image of Christians gathered by the Spirit who are always on the move, bringing healing, liberation, and wholeness through the experience of God in Jesus Christ. Highly recommended for all students of Christian theology and all theological libraries.” –Leo D. Lefebure, Matteo Ricci, SJ, Chair of Theology, Georgetown University 

Community of Missionary Disciples is truly a magnum opus of Stephen Bevans as he presents an in-depth and creative missionary ecclesiology and ecclesiological missiology. This work has gone through a birthing process over a period of five decades of Bevans’ teaching, research, reflection, and the engagement of multiple contexts. He offers a fresh and challenging approach to ecclesiological dynamics and possibilities, especially in the book’s third section on the structure of the church.” –Roger Schroeder, Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD, Chair of Mission and Culture, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago 

American Society of Missiology Series #65

In this comprehensive ecclesiology through a missionary lens Stephen Bevans unpacks the profound Catholic conviction that the church is missionary by its very nature as he considers what it means for the church to be on mission, in community, and together in discipleship.


1.  Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Foundation of the Church
2.  The Spirit of Christ and the Birth of the Church
3. The Future that Calls Forth the Church: The Reign of God and the Church
4. The Mission that Calls Forth the Church: A Single, Complex Reality
5. The Dialogue that Calls Forth the Church: The Practice of Prophetic Dialogue
6. The Church as the People of God: Called to be a Blessing for All Nations
7. The Church as the Body of Christ: Sharing and Continuing the Mission of Jesus
8. The Church as the Creation of the Spirit: Presence, Challenge, Surprises
9. Dimensions of the Missionary Church I: Apostolicity and Catholicity
10.  Dimensions of the Missionary Church II: Holiness and Unity
11.  Baptismal Missionary Discipleship
12 . Leadership for a Missionary Church
13 . Ministerial Missionary Discipleship
14 . Ordained Missionary Discipleship I: (Ordained) Ministry in History and Context
15 . Ordained Missionary Discipleship II: A Theology of Ordained Ministry in a Missionary Church

Stephen B. Bevans, SVD, is professor emeritus of mission and culture, Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. A commissioner on the World Council of Churches’ Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, he is a member of the Society of the Divine Word’s Arnold Janssen Spirituality Team as well as member of the SVD Chicago Province’s Provincial Council. The author of An Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective, he is an editor of the Brill series “Theology of Mission in Global Christianity” and serves on the editorial board of the International Review of Mission.

Cover design:  Ponie Sheehan 

Cover photo:   “Community of Missionary Disciples” by John Christman, acrylic on canvas, 2023. Used with permission. 

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