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New Paths for Interreligious Theology

By: Alan Race | Co-Author: Paul Knitter
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"This extraordinarily clear account of Perry Schmidt-Leukel's fractal interpretation of religious diversity summarizes where the discussions of comparative religion, comparative theology, theology of religion, and interreligious theology stand at this juncture of the study of religion. The book can serve as a basic text with supplementary readings and a good teacher for an introduction to these subdisciplines. Bravo to Perry Schmidt-Leukel, the editors, and the participants of this symposium for what should be a landmark book in the journey of this complex and yet vital conversation." --Roger Haight, SJ, author, Spirituality Seeking Theology

"At last: a serious academic discussion of the spiritual unity of religious diversity that is not 'purely academic'!" --Reza Shah-Kazemi, author, Common Ground between Islam and Buddhism

"This volume shakes off the dust that settled on those lively engagements and promises to point the way for the next generation. " - Christopher Conway, Dilatato Corde

In this thought-provoking book, which evolved from a lively panel discussion at the 2017 AAR conference in Boston, renowned scholars in the fields of comparative and interreligious theology respond to Perry Schmidt-Leukels novel approach to the understanding of religious diversity using fractals, patterns found in science and nature.

Conversation partners from multiple faith traditions include Race, Knitter, Francis Clooney, John Makransky, and Ephraim Meir.

Alan Race is former dean of postgraduate studies at St. Philips Centre, Leicester, and former rector at St. Margarets Church, Lee, in South London. He is the editor of the international journal Interreligious Insight and has written numerous books and articles, including Christians and Religious Pluralism (Orbis) and Thinking about Religious Pluralism.

Paul Knitter is professor emeritus of theology, world religions, and culture at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and professor emeritus at Xavier University. His books include Introducing Theologies of Religions and Jesus and the Other Names (both Orbis).

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