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Pages: 224

Binding: Softcover

Holy Eros

By: James D. Whitehead Evelyn Eaton Whitehead
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"An exuberant book about an exuberant God and a major spiritual breakthrough!" --Andrew M. Greeley

"If you are tired of abstract concepts of God and emaciated forms of belief, check this book out. It spells out what you have always suspected. Your passions are not yours alone. They are co-created by a passionate God working through you!" --John Shea, author, An Experience Named Spirit

"The Whiteheads are once again ahead of the curve. They are trustworthy prophets and guides in understanding this very marrow of our human substance." --Eugene Kennedy, author, The Joy of Being Human

"Among the many commentaries on this timely subject, few provide the insightful and comprehensive analysis of James and Evelyn Whitehead. An inspiring and challenging read!" --Diarmuid O'Murchu, author, The Transformation of Desire

"Increased longevity requires that we cultivate Eros--with eyes wide open to its promises and pitfalls--if we are to live passionately over the long haul. This book is important and timely!" --Wilkie and Noreen Au, coauthors, The Discerning Heart: Exploring the Christian Path

Eros is the passionate energy that makes us one with the beautiful other, with a leper, with the world of nature waiting to be embraced and cared for, with our neighbor, the stranger, with God.

The Whiteheads explore this vital energy of love as the gift of a Creator madly in love with his creation a God who would bring us to life in abundance if we only say "Yes."

They discuss Eros in the movements of our sexuality, as well as in our arousals of compassion and care. They examine the Eros of pleasure and of generosity. They honor the Eros of hope, of anger, of suffering. They reveal that Eros has a Source far deeper than lust, and is a pathway to a passionate God.

Holy Eros recovers this fundamental energy of love as a powerful resource in the revitalization of Christian spirituality. Unlike most books on the topic it eschews easy clichés. Its reader benefit is to understand and appreciate an energy that can heal as well as hinder and to tap into its positive force.

James D. and Evelyn Eaton Whitehead, long associated with the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chicago, have coauthored a dozen groundbreaking books on religion and psychology including Christian Life Patterns (100,000 sold). They live in South Bend, Indiana.

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