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The Promise of Deliverance

By: Michael Casey
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*  Catholic Media Association Award Winner   /  Scripture: Popular Studies

"The first book, The Promise of Deliverance, takes up Deutero Isaiah (Is 40 – 55). Its eight short chapters tease out the re-assuring message of hope – the promise of deliverance – which God communicates to his broken people in the time of their distress in exile. The book is of immense help in studying and praying in lectio divina along with Deutero Isaiah on themes such as the acute sense of loss and impotence, overwhelming grief, sin, consolation, compassion, servanthood, glory of God, deliverance and more that led the remnant of Israel closer to God. Casey shows how this message is relevant even today for we face many trials akin to being exiled in the desert bereft of comfort and consolation from which God will deliver us if we are faithful. He will lead us back to himself and a new springtime of hope and comfort in our relation with him." -- Peter B. Lobo, OP., Dominican Ashram

A noted scripture scholar and teacher offers deep reflections on 2 Isaiah 40-55, some of the most theologically rich passages of the Bible.  The Promise of Deliverance brings lectio divina alive with a series of inspiring and thought provoking explorations of the text’s key themes. The eight chapters weave together a tapestry of these themes: consolation, transcendence, servanthood, glory, sin, compassion, awake!, and deliverance.

Rather than offer analytical conclusions the author instead guides the reader in becoming aware of these ever-emerging themes—how they are intertwined, how they build up a complex and reassuring message of hope, and how relevant they are today as they were originally.

Michael Casey, OCSO, has been a Cistercian monk of Tarrawarra Abbey, Australia, since 1960. After ordination he received a degree in Scripture at Leuven and completed his doctorate with Melbourne College of Divinity in 1980. Since then he has conducted formation programs, retreats, and workshops internationally. He is the author of numerous books, including Grace: On the Journey to God (Paraclete Press).


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