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Pages: 240

Binding: Paperback

Wisdom from the World's Religions : A Guide to Basic Human Questions

By: Peter Feldmeier
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This intriguing work explores the differences between religious traditions in how they answer questions we all ask: about the existence of God, the search for meaning, living, and dying.

“Now and then comes a book that enriches not only the mind but also nourishes the heart:  Wisdom from the World's Religions is such a one. Drawing on his three-decade-long study and teaching of world religions, Dr. Feldmeier distills their wisdom and insight, without syncretism but preserving their distinctive differences, to guide our living in a world sadly torn by divisions. Reading his book will transform us.”—Peter Phan, author, The Joy of Religious Pluralism  

 “From time immemorial seekers have asked where wisdom may be found, and the world’s religious traditions have responded. Peter Feldmeier offers expert guidance by skillfully weaving together scriptures, stories, wisdom sayings, and moral precepts from many traditions:  Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and American Indian. . . . Highly recommended for all students and seekers.”—Leo D. Lefebure, author, Transforming Interreligious Relations

“In this book, Peter Feldmeier is exploring various religious traditions guided by questions that arise out of the spiritual wonder and the humanity of the students he serves in his classroom. Highly recommended for undergraduates.”—James L. Fredericks, emeritus professor of theological studies, Loyola Marymount University

“I think the wisdom of the world’s religions that the author has made available to his readers in this book will help them reflect on basic human questions more deeply and draw helpful lessons from them. ‘What can we learn?’ is his constant question to the reader after presenting the wisdom of one or other religion. And surely all of us have something to learn for our way of living and acting.  We have to pick a path and live by it. We create this path by walking.” -Peter B. Lobo, OP, Dominican Ashram

Offers a unique and inspiring way to think about religions and even one’s own religion in light of the religious plurality that exists today. Looks at various religious/spiritual topics (Who is God? Who am I? How might I find and serve God? etc.) and then draws on and reflects particularly interesting ideas and practices from various religions.


Peter Feldmeier is professor of Catholic studies at the University of Toledo, OH, and author of numerous books including Encounters in Faith: Christianity in Interreligious Dialogue and Experiments in Buddhist-Christian Encounter: From Buddha-Nature to the Divine Nature.



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