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Pages: 176

Binding: Softcover

Radical Forgiveness

By: Antoinette Bosco
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A woman who has learned to forgive offenses we can hardly imagine teaches us to free ourselves from the anger and resentment that chains us to those who hurt us, including our own selves.

Toni Bosco lost one son to suicide and later another son and his wife at the hands of a cold-blooded murderer. Her life since has been a dramatic journey to radical forgiveness and inner peace. In Radical Forgiveness she shares with us what she has learned about lifes most difficult, and most healing, virtue.

"Few people, thank God," she writes, "must come to terms with life issues like these. But all of us must deal on a regular basis with thoughts about people we feel have hurt us, abandoned us, spoken badly about us, damaged our reputations, manipulated, provoked, or just plain annoyed us. They can be parents, relatives, friends, bosses, employees, or strangers."

Radical Forgiveness brings us freedom from the awful, angry, unforgiving thoughts that gnaw at our consciousness, burn us, haunt us, and won't let us go--that is, until we decide to let them go.

"This is a book that can--and if you take it to heart, will--change your life from inside out."--Mitch Finley, author, The Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy

Antoinette Bosco, a prize-winning journalist, is a syndicated columnist for Catholic News Service and a freelance writer. Her many books include The Pummeled Heart and Choosing Mercy. She lives in Litchfield, Connecticut.