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Pages: 344

Binding: Softcover

New Directions in Mission & Evangelization 1

By: James A. Scherer Steven B. Bevans
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Scholars and students of missions have long needed a compendium of basic documents on issues such as evangelization, dialogue with world religions, salvation, conversion to Christianity, liberation and justice ministries, and explicit preaching of the Word as opposed to indirect “witness.” New Directions in Mission and Evangelization 1 answers that need as the first of three books will present the best of global thought on mission and evangelization questions – from Catholic, ecumenical, Pentecostal, Orthodox, and Evangelical perspectives.

James A. Scherer is Professor of Mission at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.

Stephen B. Bevans, S.V.D., is Associate Professor of Historical and Doctrinal Studies at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago