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Pages: 352

Binding: Softcover

Journey to the Heart

By: Kim Nataraja
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2013 Catholic Press Association Award:

Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith (Second Place) and Design and Production (Third Place)

The Christian contemplative tradition traces its origins back to Mt. Carmel, the prophet Elijah's mountain-top place of encounter with divine power. In the Gospels, we frequently read that Jesus withdrew to quiet places to pray. These biblical precedents have inspired a tradition of contemplation through the centuries.

This remarkable book reveals the life and teachings of the great spiritual teachers and Christian mystics, including St. John, Origen, St. Benedict, Julian of Norwich, St. John of the Cross, Meister Eckhart, and modern-day mystics like Thomas Merton, Simone Weil, Etty Hillesum, Bede Griffiths, and John Main. Their stories are recounted by an array of leading theologians and spiritual writers, including Laurence Freeman, Esther de Waal, Kallistos Ware, Shirley du Boulay, and many more.

Journey to the Heart offers novice and expert alike a deep and rich experience of the tradition and practice of Christian contemplation.

Kim Nataraja is international school coordinator for the World Community for Christian Meditation founded by John Main, a worldwide spiritual family linked by the practice of daily prayer.