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Pages: 128

Binding: Softcover

Discovering Trinity in Disability

By: Miroslaw Tataryn Maria Truchan-Tataryn
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A pastor and educator explore the theory and reality of truly welcoming the disabled in our church and our theology.

From the gospels it would appear that the disabled have a special claim on Jesus' love and attention. And from the doctrine of the Trinity we learn that God is an inclusive community of love, Yet are these truths reflected in the life of the church? Drawing on scripture, theology, and the personal experience of their daughter's severe disability, the authors explore the theological meaning of disability and the special insights in affords into the mystery of God's Trinitarian being. They call on the church to become a truly inclusive community, marked by a speical welcome and embrace for those whom the wrold identifies as broken, disabled, or somehow defective.

Miroslaw Tataryn and Maria Truchan-Tataryn are a married couple. He is a priest in the Ukrainian Catholic Church and holds a doctorate in theology. She has a doctorate in literature, with a specialty in disability studies.

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