July Publishers Newsletter

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Dear Friends,


We are pleased to share news of the many awards that have come to our authors in the past month. The titles recognized here are a fitting reflection of the Orbis program, with our concern for the global dimensions of Christian faith, with special concern for those on the margins, and a spirituality engaged with the needs of the world. May these titles provide a reading list for the coming year!


From the Association of Catholic Publishers

First Place (Biography): Dawn Eden Goldstein: Father Ed: The Story of Bill W.’s Spiritual Sponsor

Second Place (Inspiration): Sr. Wendy Beckett and Robert Ellsberg, Dearest Sister Wendy. . . A Surprising Story of Faith and Friendship

Third Place (Resources for Ministry): Carolyn Woo, Rising: Learning from Women’s Leadership in Catholic Ministries

Third Place (Resources for Liturgy): Elizabeth Donnelly and Russ Petrus, eds., Catholic Women Preach: Raising Voices, Renewing the Church (Cycle A)


From the Catholic Media Association

First Place:

Theology: Daniel Groody, A Theology of Migration: The Bodies of Refugees and the Body of Christ.

Saints (canonized or in process): Dorothy Day (Robert Ellsberg, ed.), On Pilgrimage: The Seventies


Second Place:

Biography: Dawn Eden Goldstein, Father Ed

Liturgy: Donnelly/Petrus, eds.: Catholic Women Preach

First Time Author: Christopher Kellerman, SJ, All Oppression Shall Cease: Slavery and Abolitionism in the Catholic Church

History: Christopher Kellerman, SJ, All Oppression Shall Cease

Reference/Academic Studies: Stan Chu Ilo, ed., Handbook of African Catholicism

Catholic Social Teaching: Clemens Sedmak, Enacting Catholic Social Tradition

Religion in the Public Square: Dorothy Day, On Pilgrimage: The Seventies

Pope Francis: Pope Francis, Against War

Mysticism: Carmel Bendon, The Mystics Who Came to Dinner


Third Place

Theology: Harvey Cox, A New Heaven: Death, Human Destiny, and the Kingdom of God

Inclusion in the Church: Ansel Augustine, Leveling the Praying Field: Can the Church We Love Love us Back?

Catholic Social Teaching: Cardinal Michael Czerny and Fr. Christian Barone: Siblings All, Sign of the Times: Social Teachings of Pope Francis

Ecumenism and Interfaith: Peter Feldmeier: Wisdom from the World's Religions

Pope Francis: Cardinal Michael Czerny, Fr. Christian Barone: Siblings All, Sign of the Times

Saints: Victor Edwin, SJ, ed., Brother to All: The Life and Witness of St. Charles de Foucauld

Best Memoir: Sister Wendy Beckett/Robert Ellsberg, Dearest Sister Wendy


Honorable Mention

Theology: Roger Haight, The Nature of Theology: Challenges, Frameworks, Basic Beliefs

Future Church: Carolyn Woo, Rising: Learning from Women's Leadership in the Catholic Church

Future Church: Donnelly/Petrus, ed., Catholic Women Preach


With gratitude for these awards, for all our authors, and for you our readers,

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